What is BioHortiTech

The project BioHortiTech, entitled “Improved bio-inocula and living mulching technologies for integrated management of horticultural crops”, aims to introduce new technologies in horticulture, based on the application of newly formulated bio-inoculants and living mulching for crop plants benefit in different farming systems. The objective of this project is also an extending of the knowledge on the ecological dynamics of the bio-inocula used with living mulching under contrasting environmental/climatic conditions.

Interdisciplinary research involves international cooperation between experts in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry, microbiology, plant protection and cultivation, in integrated and organic systems from five countries: Poland, Germany, United Kingdon, France and Spain.

The project is funded by the ERA-NET Cofund activity SusCrop (Sustainable Crop Production), under the Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (FACCE-JPI).